Corporate IQ & EQ: tip 4

What better way than to start the new year with something that is very effective and makes everyone feel good?!

Focus mostly on what works well when you are managing anything and re-direct when mistakes are made. Appreciate that making mistakes is a necessary part of learning and in and of itself a way to move towards your goal.

Appreciating desired behavior and results support clarity on what is wanted and expected. It also stimulates a joy in making progress. Offering appreciation makes progress visible and because it feels good, supports everyone in the direction of where more progress can be made.

Receiving appreciation confirms that your efforts to contribute are valued and you are heading in the right direction. Appreciation lets people know that what they do has meaning and to them makes a job fulfilling. Appreciation also deepens the relationship people have with each other as it creates trust and a willingness to collaborate: go the extra mile and take one for the team. When you know you are being appreciated, you don’t want to let each other down.

When you offer appreciation this works best when you specify what was said or done (the effort that was made) and how that was supportive of what you expected, needed or wanted. This is best started with an I-statement: “When I hear/see … I appreciate … (the progress, skill, support etc.) and wanted to let you know that … (it helps me, is what I was looking for and specifically the need it meets).” Avoid praising the character of the person (“You are a great salesperson!” which is only valid till you are not.) but focus on what the person achieved (which will always be valid).

Offering appreciation is an investment in your future success!