Skill building during a training

The main goal of compassionate communication is to make a connection between people. Our experience is that once a connection is made most other things that needed to be discussed fall into place very easily. In general, it is our greatest fear that the other person will not understand us and so in our minds, we often are already decided that it is all up to us alone to get what we want. We start our conversation with an “enemy image” thinking that we “need to get it” from the other person because they certainly are not going to give it to us. As you can imagine two people having a conversation that way will not experience a lot of connection.

Most likely you have experienced interactions in your life that were based on mutual trust. Can you remember how different that was? How easy was it to get anything done then?

So in Compassionate Communication, we aim to create this mutual trust and at the same time empower ourselves. We do this by getting clear about what we really need and speaking what is true for us without any judgment projected on the other person. We become aware of ways of communicating that prevent connection. We own our own triggers and keep them out of the conversation. Instead, we choose to create safety in the conversation so everyone will be willing to contribute. We develop our emphatic skills to create a nutritional basis for synergy. We learn to listen and understand what is going on for others and ourselves. To identify how someone might be feeling and what their need is. This understanding then enables us to respond with respect and a willingness to see what options can be found that will serve all parties involved.

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