Govert van Ginkel has a knack for making things understandable and interesting. His workshops engaged us with a mix of presentation, participatory activities, and discussion that made concepts clear and useful while having fun. He has a way of bringing “restorative practices” to business settings that do not employ restorative jargon but effectively encourages those values and behaviors. – Ted Wachtel (Founder and former first president of the International Institute for Restorative Practices, IIRP)

“I have had the pleasure of attending two of Govert van Ginkel’s workshops.  His warm and engaging style, and his clear knowledge of workplace processes and realities, stood out for me.  I learned a lot by watching him take an ordinary workplace scenario and dig down to show its deeply relational roots.  From there one can envision implementing restorative or relational approaches that can make a real difference in the culture and success of a workplace.  I know that I will learn more from Govert, and I recommend his work to anyone interested in the dynamics of workplace life–and in improving them.”  Mark Vander Vennen, MA, M.Ed, R.S.W, Executive Director, Shalem Mental Health Network, Canada

I would like to thank you for the training provided and all your support and directions. It definitely helps me as a manager to be more resourceful to support and control situations at work. With all this knowledge I feel more confident when I have to deal with difficult situations at my workplace and in life in general.

I put this approach into practice and I get incredible results. I see it helps to build trust and sense of connection with my team members and clients. I listen to customers and analyze their feelings and needs, before I take action to address the problem. This works in favour of creation of positive attitude and environment, builds friendly relationship between me and the customers.

The content is very much focused on the participant’s experiences and challenges. There was never a time where I felt rushed and there was always time for questions or comments. I call this participant-friendly! Ken Serl, Kamloops, BC, Canada

I wanted to share feedback of my new found “skills” in NVC, (aka “remembered awareness”) which have allowed me to connect on a different level with others, and as a result, see new levels of sharing being opened up. Specifically, I am using this feeling/need based communication with my sister and the results are nothing short of miraculous. I am seeing this form of communication as “surfing” or “honoring the wave of energy one is riding” vs just swimming in the ocean. I had a wonderful time in Calgary, the training with Govert was the highlight of my trip and the springboard of new connections in my life.  I am grateful to you both for sharing your passions, (Debbie) Borden, CDMP Disability Case Manager, OH&S

“Govert’s Compassionate Communication workshop helped me increase my ability to non-judgmentally observe myself and others, demonstrate empathy and seek to better understand others. Govert walks his talk while providing skills and empowering tools that can transform relationships and lives.” Patricia Morgan, Counsellor, Author and Bounce Back Expert (www.lightheartedconcepts.com)

“Life is multi-faceted, we encounter such a diverse range of people and situations. Spending a day learning with you has definitely equipped me to choose to stay neutral in situations that in the past would have readily triggered a less than desirable response. The tools you’ve shared are invaluable; I look forward to incorporating them into my day to day life. Thank you Govert for the gift of your Compassionate Communication training!”CoraMarie Clarke BSDH MBA, Professional Speaker, Author and consultant www.toothenathetoothfairy.com

My thanks for presenting the course Compassionate Communication Training. This is an excellent course to permit individuals to become aware of how the words we speak and the thoughts we think can influence any relationship in our lives. Your course permits a look at this dynamic of interpersonal communication and the  effects  it creates  on our lives. It appears you have embraced this technology and are using it constantly. The change we seek starts with the self and congratulations on your willingness to embrace this improved way of communicating. The world is better because of it. Gregory Boyle, Sales Rep., Calgary, Canada

Due to the training on Communicating in Relationships I realized how important it is to be able to recognize behaviours and feelings of people in my life. Annette Noel, Kamloops BC, Canada

The training on Communicating in Relationships was very valuable and i would not hesitate to do it again. Muriel Miller, Kamloops BC, Canada

The training on Communicating in Relationships showed me that this is a very valuable training in helping you deal with others and dealing with anger. Rev. Valentine Owen, CSL Red Deer, AB, Canada

The training on Communicating in Relationships offers very practical knowledge that can be immediately applied. Mike Yaunish, Calgary, AB, Canada

The training on Communicating in Relationships was very clear to me and there was a lot of wonderful information that was relevant to me. Darlene Mayer, Joy of life Center, Calgary, AB, Canada

The training on Communicating in Relationships is invaluable for creating peace, happiness and harmony in one’s life. Janis Kirker, Calgary AB, Canada

The training on Communicating in Relationships was really well done and valuable. Christina Perkins, Walton Int. Calgary, AB. Canada

It was very valuable to me and i would not hesitate to do it again. Muriel Miller, Kamloops, BC, Canada