Effective Communication

What is it?

Communication can be confusing and create unnecessary conflict. Unfortunately, we may have learned to communicate in a way that seems ‘normal’ to us but really is at the root of all of this. Effective Communication cleans up your communication by using simple steps that will help you to speak with clarity so that you may be fully understood.

Effective Communication is empathetic and starts by first understanding yourself better. Being able to identify the facts in any situation and separate this from the meaning they have for you is a good start that will help you speak your truth. How you feel is important and understanding your feelings better helps you to become clear about what it is that you need. What follows – when you express yourself to others – is the logical next step in communication. It is as simple as that.

The word ’empathy’ does not only mean to understand what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes. It also implies that you know yourself. You will find that once you understand yourself better it will be easier to understand others as well. This is how Effective Communication is distinctly different from the communication you may know.

In its application, you will not only find that you speak with more self-awareness and clarity but you will also be clear where your boundaries are and be able to indicate them without blaming others. While understanding yourself better Empathic Communication helps you to focus on taking a direction that supports your life and is inclusive of others.

I am dedicated to empowering you by giving you the skills that build strong relationships and handing you the tools to defuse and manage confrontations effectively and respectfully. Shift your life to peace and meaningful connection through Effective Communication.

You will:

  • learn to manage conflict with ease
  • experience more clarity
  • be more efficient in achieving your goals
  • experience less stress and be more at peace
  • feel more resilient and empowered
  • develop your emphatic skills
  • build more self-esteem
  • see more opportunities to meet your needs
  • increase your listening skills and build trust
  • move from emotional pain to communication gain!

At work you will:

  • see improved teamwork
  • have increased work satisfaction
  • create synergy and co-operation
  • increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • have more effective meetings

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Effective Communication is also known as Compassionate or Nonviolent Communication. To get a better understanding of the basics I suggest you read the book Nonviolent Communication written by the American psychologist Dr Marshall Rosenberg www.cnvc.org