A conscious look in the mirror

Do you see yourself as a pleaser and do you want more fun in your life? Do people perceive you as a bully or a nag while you just want to achieve your goal? Or maybe you’re a chameleon, but you think it’s about time to confess your true color and come out? Whoever you perceive yourself to be, better communication begins with a conscious look in the mirror. How do you communicate? What choices do you make? How does your communication affect you and your partner? In my training you’ll learn to be more authentic when you are with others, you’ll understand others better and the way you communicate will be so much more enjoyable and effective.

What will this training do for you?

  • You will communicate more easily and efficiently
  • You will understand the causes of conflict and handle it better
  • You will better understand what motivates other people
  • You will find it easier to find common ground and rewarding solutions
  • You will be more involved in your work
  • You will find it easier to create a cooperative atmosphere
  • You will find it easier to deal with emotions
  • You will be more authentic and see that being yourself is good enough
  • You will find that people will understand you better

Corporate Training

Understanding your client is the basis for a successful business relationship. Data focused management is the next step for creating clarity in choices.

Being able to effectively respond to the needs of your client creates trust in a satisfying collaboration.

Co-workers also have a need for mutual understanding and support. It makes working together on a valued product a pleasure, it inspires and stimulates creative energy.

You will recognize these aspects in my philosophy, which is the basis for the trainings I offer.

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Persoonlijke training

Personal Training

Would you like to create more space for yourself in relationship with others? Would you like to understand others better? I will help you do this. I call this Empathic Communication. You will let go of what is standing in your way to achieve this and will learn new skills that will empower you as a person.

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When you see others and yourself through a filter it will color your whole world. Respect means to me seeing each other without a filter and in a different and more authentic light. Instead of seeing people as objects, seeing them through the lens of feelings and needs makes  people human once again. Seen in this light, each step brings you closer to your true self and also a step closer to each other.

Govert van Ginkel:

I truly believe that we all can have a positive influence on each other once we liberate ourselves from the limiting concepts that we were taught. It all starts with knowing ourselves better and embracing certain values in our lives. These are for me


  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Accountability