About Govert van Ginkel

Govert van Ginkel, LL.M Keynote Speaker, trainer, Workshop Leader, Executive Coach, Mediator and author.

“Govert is an expert in dealing with stress, open communication skills and strengthening resilience in individuals and organizations. Presenting to hundreds of people each year, he is an international speaker (Europe & N-America) with a master’s degree in law, a masters degree in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a certified trainer for the International Institute in Restorative Practices, trainer in Nonviolent Communication, the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), the Expert Center for Restorative Justice in Education (ECHO) and facilitator for Restorative Circles. He was the chairman of the Mankind Project Foundation in The Netherlands. When you get Govert you get practical how-to’s that decrease stress and miscommunication while increasing mutual understanding, productivity, and workplace satisfaction. He is a humorous speaker who delivers his message in an insightful and playful manner. He’ll show you how to access the hidden potential that is in all of us.

With a Masters degree in Labour Law, he worked for major organizations such as Dutch Post, The center for Work and Income and The Professional and Trade Association. Govert shares from his own experience which brings stories alive and is inspiring to hear. Solutions are developed from extensive research and training and his experience as a counselor, group facilitator, and community member. He says of his work: “I feel enlivened by the power of empathic communication and thrive by empowering and motivating people.”

Govert has given talks and training for companies and organizations like: P&O Ferries, Bellissima, Mercer, Lilly Nederland, Akzo Nobel, Atos Origin, YWCA, Calgary Police, Martinair, The Center for Spiritual Living, Jacobs Hospice, Universities Arcus College, The European Patent Office, The John Howard Society, Statoil etc.


Masters title in Dutch Law, Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming, certified trainer for the International Institute for Restorative Practices, facilitator Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) and facilitator for Restorative Circles, former chairman of The Mankind Project foundation in the Netherlands and facilitator in Shadow work.

Per training you will find the professional accreditation by KIWA, Mediators Federation Netherlands, vFAS, SKJ and the BTV office for interpreters and translators who are registered with the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators applies.

I am also a recognized intervisor for the Institute for Mediation and Family and Inheritance Law Training IMFO / vFAS and moderator for the Dutch Bar Association NOvA.

Before I worked as a trainer, coach and mediator, I specialised as a lawyer in employment law and HRM, I was Manager of a Legal Affairs department, chairman of an industrial tribunal, chairman and member of various committees in the field of labor and social insurance law, chairman of a disciplinary board and author for a legal magazine.