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To the heart of the matter

It is not always easy to bridge differences and find solutions that create win-win results for all. Achieving this requires going to the heart of the matter. Govert van Ginkel LL.M has specialized in helping people go through transitions, get satisfying answers to life questions and become self empowered individuals through a process he calls compassionate communication.

To the heart of the matter

We do not always see eye-to-eye even though we love and care about each other. Being in relationship, being together as human beings may lead to situations in which we see things differently than others do. Even though we understand that co-operation is the best way to achieve things together, our difference in seeing things may lead us in a different direction and cause us frustration, resentment and anger. Giving up what you need or going it alone instead may not be very satisfactory in relationship. This situation may cause inner stress. Over time this may build up and result in confrontation and arguments that deepen the feeling of loneliness and of being disconnected from others.

Understanding your feelings, respecting your needs and the feelings and needs of others is the way back to feeling connected, respected and being valued for who you are. Wouldn’t you like those you love and care for to understand what it is like to be in your shoes? Validation is a human need that is essential to our wellbeing. We thrive on being heard and seen and to be acknowledged for the good that we intent to do.

The way in which you communicate determines the quality of the relationships you create. When connection and co-operation is on your agenda you will find others opening up to you. Would you like to get more skills on board to create quality connections with your partner, children, friends and in the workplace?

What is this training like?

In this workshop you’ll learn to identify the underlying needs behind every experience and express them in such a way that others can hear it and you’ll actually feel good about yourself for doing so. You will find that you’ll be more authentic and in integrity with yourself and relationships will deepen. Getting in touch with yourself is getting to the heart of the matter. The more you see that this is true for you the more you’ll see that this is true for others too. Learning more about yourself is learning more about other people. We’re not that different in the end! During this day we’ll talk about some of the theory that you need to understand, we’ll do a little demo every time and then you get to practice in two’s or little groups to get the feel of it yourself. Practicing the skills this day will make you feel more confident in applying what you have learned outside this workshop too. At the end of every topic we’ll do an evaluation to share what we’ve learned and answer any questions.

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€175,- (Includes coffee, tea and manual)
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