Corporate Training summary


I offer various forms of conflict resolution. The form of mediation I use is based on the ideas of compassionate communication, Restorative Justice and Restorative Circles. In its result this method qualifies as Transformative Mediation. It sees all parties as equal and gives no preference to any person or opinion. Through mediation I help all parties involved find the best possible solution for all. All parties are supported in their authentic expression while maintaining mutual respect.

A Restorative Conference or Restorative Circle is useful if all parties who are affected by a conflict (often groups of more then 5 people) are open to exploring the possibilities of a peaceful solution. To participate is a matter of free choice. Restorative Circles also offer the option to substitute parties who cannot or do not want to attend. This allows a community to proceed and still find options for solving a conflict. More details of this process are shared before this process starts. Depending on the size of the group there will be 1 to 2 facilitators offering support and guidance. In a free informational interview we will briefly discuss the situation, the most effective process available and I will give you an estimate of the costs involved.

Mediation. When a situation is limited to only 2 or a few people Mediation may offer an effective solution. Parties who are willing to voluntarily explore if and how they could continue their relationship are offered support through mediation. More details of this process will be explained before the mediation begins.


Mediation will take place in either Nieuwegein (The Netherlands) or Calgary (Alberta, Canada) at no additional travel expenses) or at a neutral location in the vicinity of the stakeholders (may incur travel expenses).

For a free informational interview (15 min.), you can contact me by phone or email.


NL €   95,- (incl. BTW, per hour for 2-5 people)
CAN $ 95.00 (+tax, per hour for 2-5 people)
NL € 125,- (excl. BTW, per hour for 2-5 people)
CAN $ 175.00 (+ tax, per hour 2-5 people)

NL € 125,- (excl. BTW per hour per group per facilitator)
CAN $ 175.00 (+tax, per hour per group per facilitator)

NL €80,- / CAN $ 80.00 per hour for locations outside Utrecht/Nieuwegein/Calgary + €0,19 / $0.25 per km
The cost of the required venue will be billed at actual cost when in Canada. In The Netherlands these costs will be billed for groups larger then 5 people on a location outside Utrecht/Nieuwegein.

Training / Workshop dates

* All dates are subject to change and will be confirmed on registration. Unless indicated otherwise training times are daily from 10am – 5pm.