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Empathic and needs based coaching

Have you noticed how part of someone’s problem is always emotional and part of the way they see and react to life? Convincing people to see things differently doesn’t work that well and often changes little. Apart from working on the energy system through the body, an approach that creates perceptional and behavioral change is necessary to create lasting change. An empathic approach and needs based coaching changes everything. Motivating people from within, identifying the need they have and are not aware of, opens the possibility for better and more functional strategies. Truly helping your client take control of their life again.

Detailed Workshop description:

Seeing a client can be like travelling to another universe. It is much like an adventure and so seeing your client in that light, instead of as someone with a “problem”, may help to discover more about how things came to be and how assistance can be given.

Needs based coaching identifies unmet needs a client has been struggling with, gets the client in touch with this alternate reality that underlies any described situation and aids the client in finding workable strategies to live a healthier and more fulfilled life. It is the empathic connection you will create with a client that allows for such an exploration. To create an empathic connection it is important we do not only hear what someone is saying but are able to relate to what it is like to have that experience and understand the unmet needs that are in play. This requires that we are able to distinguish the facts of a situation from the perceived reality (judgments and beliefs) and help the client see new options.

It is the empathic environment that you as a practitioner/therapist create and provide that allows the client to speak and see himself maybe for the first time without being judged. For more detailed information and the brochure click here.

Learning by doing

My principle is: learning by doing. Together we’ll look at some theory, but mostly we will learn through practical exercises. Through having a positive personal experience in this workshop you will best be able to evaluate how the work we do together will have a positive effect on your clients as well. We will practice in small groups and as a whole through game play.


During these practical exercises participants will receive and give feedback to each other, learn how to address stressful behaviors and reduce stress.


To offer participants tools and techniques they can use to communicate more effectively with their client.


€ 300,- (2 days includes coffee, tea, manual).
€ 385,- (2 days includes, coffee, tea, manual & 1 hour intervision).
€ 450,- (2 days includes coffee, tea, manual & 1 hour intervison).
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Training / Workshop dates

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  • 07 May

    Empathic and needs based coaching

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 07 and 08 May 2016

    CAD $ 300,- (2 days includes coffee, tea and manual)