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Sustainable employability

When we live longer and are faced with an aging population, the question does arise how we can sustain ourselves. Working longer and to an advanced age is certainly possible but what are the implications for the balance between work-health and happiness? Many aspects are involved and may require a dialogue and a new agreement from the one that was arrived at in the past. The job is no longer just a job but a necessary part of life that we choose. It is a relationship within the context of a business (maybe of working inside a corporation) and alongside colleagues you need to get along with. Collaboration is not automatically a given in any function and certainly not in an environment where competition is high. Stress in itself is not bad but chronic stress puts the sustainability of being in a specific job at risk. The new question is: “How do we arrange our work in a way that it becomes enjoyable, sustainable and benefits both the individual and the corporation?” The company policy is a reflection of the dialogue concerning corporate goals and effective employment of management and personnel. Sustainability is a desired outcome when you consider all cost-benefit aspects and long term planning.  Quite practically you could say that a good atmosphere at work, being able to have open conversations about issues, addressing each others commitment to keep agreements, and being able to solve problems effectively and collaboratively while being mindful of each other, are necessary conditions for efficient and sustainable business operation. In short: our communication will need to be more open and effective to create the trust and relationships for a sustainable future.

This in-company management training will be tailored to the needs of your company and covers 4 days in which for example the following topics could be discussed and experiential exercises will be used to create a deeper understanding:

  • Perception and Communication: thinking styles and exercising influence
  • Feedback: giving and receiving, rapport, dealing with difficult situations
  • Leadership: styles, influence, accountability, dynamics

Based on a preliminary interview in which we together will discuss your corporate goals on this topic I will write a training proposal for your consideration.

In the province of Alberta your business may be eligible for a government job grant for this vocational training.


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* All dates are subject to change and will be confirmed on registration. Unless indicated otherwise training times are daily from 10am – 5pm.