• P&O Ferries

    For this Ferry company, I provided a number of trainings among which Sustainable Employability, Effective Communication, and Collaborative Leadership.

    “This training touched and stimulated all participants to accept and think about their contribution to complex situations  and supported growth in using our influence to a positive effect.” Leonieke Verbove, HR manager P&O Ferries

    “Govert radiates expertise and extended a trust that supported us all to feel at ease and made learning fun and helped us get the most out of this training.” – Arjan P&O Ferries

    ”In over 35 years of work in which I participated frequently in communication trainings I never had an experience that affected me so deeply as in this training.” Arjenne Wijerse, Teamleader Passenger Operations – P&O Ferries

  • Veiligheidsregio Brabant Zuid Oost

    • The veiligheidsregio is an organization of both regional fire brigades and regional health services (GGD)  who are investing in collaborative work engagement and for whom I provided training in Effective Communication and Collaborative/Situational leadership.

      “Absolutely a valuable training and I am very glad that as an organization by investing in this training we have taken the next step!” Laurens Arts, Sector Head of Operations

      “Fun and very engaging training with great diversity in exercises mixed with theory through which we effectively touch on the core of the dynamics we’d like to create in our organization!” Walter van Huijgevoort, Program Manager Technology and Facility Affairs

      “Very useful and immediatly applicable training. The diversity in teaching methods kept us all sharp and engaged and led to active participation in the group.” Elske Beintema, Teammanager GGD

  • Bellissima

    Bellissima is a chain of high-quality women’s fashion stores in Canada who hired me to provide training in Effective Communication, Customer Service and Conflict Resolution, and Collaborative/Situational Leadership for their store managers, supervisors, and head-office managers.

    “It was important to understand the needs behind the differences of views and perspectives between individuals. This is where the connection occurred. I learned how to not blame, but to determine needs of individuals and how to choose constructive strategies.” Deborah Mooney, store manager Bellissima

    “I would like to thank you for the training provided and all your support and directions. It definitely helps me as a manager to be more resourceful to support and control situations at work. With all this knowledge I feel more confident when I have to deal with difficult situations at my workplace and in life in general.” Odeta Vedegiene, Store manager Bellissima


  • SNS-Bank

    For this Dutch Bank, I provided training in “Creating a compassionate work culture in for-profit business to improve collaboration between 2 departments working in a high-stress environment.

    “I became conscious how effective just listening can be and how it improves our problem solving capabilities instead of trying to create temporary fixes.”

    “This was not just an evolution but a revolution in my thinking. As a manger I no longer occupy myself with fixing daily conflicts but have really improved greatly on my effectiveness by listening and asking questions.” Bram Trouwborst – Manager Workforce Engagement

  • Statoil

    For this oil company, I provided the training Personal and Professional Resiliency. The goal was to improve the personal resiliency of employees working at an in-company service desk in an international and multi-cultural environment with complex and sometimes (seemingly) conflicting interests and a high work pressure.

    “Useful in developing relaxation skills. Useful in giving coping mechanisms for stressful situations.”

    “I really enjoyed the 2 day session. My impression is that unconsciously you can have a lot more influence on events around you. Without resorting to nasty actions.”

    “I appreciate the clear and practical tools you have demonstrated / given to me. Your enthusiasm, passion and knowledge have helped me understanding the message (and take it in). Still, a lot to think about and practice on. Thank you!”

    “Balanced 2 days. Time was well spent and I’m glad I attended.”

  • European Patent Office

    For academics working at the European Patent Office I provided the training “Always a great conversation” combined with team buildings elements.

    “I Liked it because it took my thinking outside of the box.”

    “The training was good to create some awareness about how we communicate.”

  • City of Leidschendam

    Employees of the City of Leidschendam participated in a training on effective and collaborative communication in professional relationships as part of their individual development program.

    “The training was fun to do and very inspiring” – Martijn

    “Very useful training and directly applicable.” – Vera

    “Refreshing new way of looking at things!” – Rene

    “A training that really stimulates change.” – Hester

  • Arcus College

    Teachers of the Arcus College in a number of seminars on Effective Communication, Feedback, Drama and Winners Triangle and parent – teacher – student relationship.

    “Well executed and prepared training without getting the idea that it was like musical chairs. Very pleasant experience. Much to reflect on.”

    “I can tell you that both content als well as your presentation style was well received by all teachers who participated in your training.”

    “Great atmosphere, good documentation and very pleasant way of alternating between theory and practice.“

    “My entire attitude towards communication has changed and I am achieving more than I ever did before. I never realized that it was my own communication style that was part of what was holding me back. I feel better now, more relaxed, sleep better and achieve better results.”

  • Primary school Noen

    Teachers of this Islamic school participated in a training to improve their effectiveness and make better use of their influence on the behavior of parents, colleagues, and students.

    “Very useful training!” – Rachida, Locatieleider basisschool Noen

    “It really was an eye-opener. Really liked the part about sending and receiving a clear message.” – Fadime, teacher

  • Jacobs Hospice

    Employees of this hospice participated in the Training Effective and Collaborative Communication I and II. The focus was on developing EQ, empathic skills, and emotional self-regulation pertaining to the work they do for guests of the hospice and also on improving collaboration between colleagues and dealing with conflict.

    “This training made my life feel lighter in general and also easier for the work that I do at the hospice. I am able to look with more empathy at others and myself.”

    “This training opened my eyes and showed me that I am okay just the way I am. Just that frees up a lot of energy in me and I feel more alive.”