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Working as a team has enormous benefits. The support you receive and the benefits of the synergy between team mates is like experiencing that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Working as a team boosts not only the effect of what you can achieve but because of that is also empowering to all its participants. There are certain conditions however that need to be in place to create an effective team. In this 1-day training we’ll look at creating an open and collaborative work atmosphere in which problems are effectively solved and transparency is treasured.

In the province of Alberta your business may be eligible for a government job grant for this vocational training.

Trainings and workshops that do not appear on the current agenda are offered by request to groups or in corporations. 


€ 150,- (Includes coffee, tea, lunch, manual).
€ 225,- (Includes coffee, tea, lunch, manual).
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* All dates are subject to change and will be confirmed on registration. Unless indicated otherwise training times are daily from 10am – 5pm.