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Incorporating Restorative Values in Business Practice

Restorative concepts and behaviors incorporated in business practice require imagination and translation of restorative values. Often there is a change in rhythm, which in for-profit business can be more staccato and to the point. The translation of our restorative thinking and the format in which we deliver this may therefore require a different approach that makes sense in the corporate environment. There are two things in our favor when doing so: 1) We are all people with feelings and needs! 2) We have entered a decade in which a more collaborative work environment and form of management is more and more favored. In this 2 hour workshop, we will look at the translation of restorative values in business practice, both in a theoretical and practical way. After all, it is through implementation that we see a shift in dynamics and a change of relationships in the corporate environment that will increase productivity, improve results and stimulate profit.

Skills and concepts: Creating a collaborative mindset, building trust, identifying business needs, formulating a business approach, leadership.

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  • 24 Oct

    Incorporating Restorative Values in Business Practice

    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

    Register through IIRP for the Conference 3.20 – 5 pm