Corporate Training summary


  • Are you at a crossroads in life and finding it difficult to make a choice?
  • Are you struggling with a situation and need to get clear about what you feel and how to integrate that before you can proceed in life?
  • Are you in the middle of a conflict at work, with your family or in your relationship and finding and need help to find a solution?
  • Are you not sure whether you can continue your present relationship?
  • Are you finding it hard to deal with strong emotions but they yours or form other people?
  • Have you experienced a traumatic event and find that people around you just don’t understand?
  • Is life rough and do you feel like you are just one step ahead of chaos?
  • Are you looking for more balance between work, family and time for yourself?
  • Are you looking for new inspiration?

In all these situations I can help you to find the clarity you seek. Clarity will bring you peace. Once we know what it is you need we’ll together explore the options for your next step. We’ll find an appropriate solution that is in integrity with who you are. If you are dealing with a conflict that involves a number of people mediation is an option that engages all participants. Personal Coaching is used when find it hard to achieve your goals. What I offer is personal facilitation through professional coaching and mediation. I use a practical and hands on approach which means that you’ll be actively working on the change that you like to see in your life. You will:

  • increase your personal effectiveness
  • deepen your awareness and increase inner strength
  • take responsibility for your choices and regain control over your life
  • grow within by releasing your own potential
  • increase your sense of wellbeing and in general the quality of your life
  • be conscious of what motivates you and make choices based on your skills
  • find answers to (life) questions
  • increase your ability to deal with conflicts
  • develop empathic skills


€85,00 ( incl. BTW per hour)
€95,00 (incl. BTW per hour)
€125,00 (excl. BTW per hour.)

CAN $ 95.00 (+ tax per hour)
CAN $ 120.00 (+ tax per hour)
CAN $ 175,00 (+tax per hour.)

Training / Workshop dates

* All dates are subject to change and will be confirmed on registration. Unless indicated otherwise training times are daily from 10am – 5pm.